After leaving the newspaper game, I went into video production with a group of young turks at Midcoast Communications, who were making a name for themselves in the Quad-City market. They were wild and crazy, and suddenly I found my juices flowing again. Almost every day was creative euphoria. Writing video scripts was my entrée, and soon I was producing and learning a little about directing the shoot from Phil Dingeldein, Terry Loder and Phil Hartley. Upon moving on to Palmer College, I produced and directed several recruitment and Homecoming videos. There, and again at Life University, we occasionally mixed video with live stage production. Here’s what Sam Renkin, a creative guy with the staging company we hired for a Life event, said about our work together. “Randy is a gifted marketing professional with a ‘can do’ personality and a strong sense of direction on messaging. We collaborated twice on an annual event with a large audience, theatrical production elements, and many moving parts; Randy's skill at keeping all the plates spinning without ever losing sight of the communication goal was very impressive. He truly understood the audience and the message, and fine-tuned the elements for maximum impact.”  Thanks, Sam. 


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