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“This letter is to thank you for the extraordinary job you did for the Clinic in packaging and editing our proposal to ALCOA for the provision of chiropractic care. The extra effort and after-hours time you spent on this project are evident from the final result. Everyone who has reviewed the proposal has been impressed with its professionalism.”

Garry T. Krakos, D.C.
Former Dean
of Palmer Clinics


On working with designers…

"Randy not only respects graphic designers but has vast expertise and knowledge working with creative talent. Randy can take his highly effective writing skills and assist with brainstorming to develop creative and innovative design that will take your business to the next level. Being able to connect the message and execute with strong graphics is something he has done countless times on high-end projects. Working with Randy is always a pleasure and you will be excited and rewarded by your end product."

Shelly Batcher
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Life University

"I am coming up on 40 years in the marketing, advertising and design field. I have had great bosses during that time, but Randy Heuston stands out as number one on my list.  His ability to think on his feet and come up with creative solutions, in my experience, is unparalleled…. Randy has great design sense and is able to communicate his vision exactly, without vague comments that do little toward making the final project polished. I found Randy’s writing clean and concise, with the message stated clearly without a lot of fluff…. I consider Randy as a friend, mentor and a valuable, positive person in my life."

Bobbi Mongeau
Senior Designer/Art Dept. Coordinator
Davenport, Iowa







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