NOTE: A lot of corporate materials are pretty staid, but this video production company prided itself on being off the wall. Writing their materials was a kick. Since a lot of what the company had to offer was sheer talent, I wanted to feature the key people and their insights as to how to benefit their clients.

Brain Waves

Mid Coast Communications Centre is a collection of brainy men and women who aren’t afraid to make waves in marketing. Copy that sells. Music that moves. Computer graphics that sharpen image and enrich understanding. Audio so crisp and clear it races the blood. Television, industrial and business-to-business video that propels your product or service to make a powerful splash in the marketplace.

Surf’s up at Mid Coast.

Post Production

“I guess what really makes us different is how much we care about what works for the client. What that may mean,” continues Mid Coast’s video director Phil Dingeldein, “is skipping some glitzy effect that’s fun to do for the sake of the clean, tasteful product we ought to do. Doing what “we ought to do” in post production takes the latest in 1-inch, Beta and digital effects technology. It takes years of electronic editing experience and a flair for creative solutions. It also takes an unflagging commitment to excellence whether the budget is $2,000 or $20,000. Mid Coast has what it takes.


“The first thing I think about with a new project,” says the talented graphic artist Kent West at Mid Coast, “is how can I make this different.” In advertising, being “different” is vital to cut through the clutter. “But I also have to match the final result to the personality of the client company.” In successful logos and illustrations, “matching” is essential to give the client what he needs even if he can’t articulate it. At Mid Coast you’ll find a state-of-the-art Microtime Image-plus 3-D Graphics and Animation System, plus a Quanta paintbox. But the excellence of Mid Coast graphics is not so much what’s in the hands as what’s in the head.


More goes into successful audio than meets the untrained. Mid Coast’s 16-track audio studio has big time equipment, names like Ensoniq, Barcus-Berry, Alesis, AKG, Yamaha, Soundcraft, Revox, Amrita and TOA. It also has a big-time philosophy. “Our goal is to deliver award-winning performance on every track. “What’s more,” says Mid Coast audio engineer Tim Richardson, “we try to do it with a people touch—capturing the subtleties of a client’s particular business, working with talent to bring out their best and always keeping the audio consumer in mind. Albums, sound effects, voiceovers, original music composition, music tracks, jingle packages—each project gets special attention. Mid Coast has the ear for it.


Effective field production requires lots of equipment and a variety of skills—creative, technical and managerial. “As important as pre-production planning is,” says Mid Coast’s video director, “perhaps more important is reacting on site to make sure we take advantage of every creative opportunity. Both talent and clients find the Mid Coast crew easy to work with because they take charge of any situation with technical skill and tact. Knowing the right equipment for the final result, putting out the extra effort to get the lighting or audio just so, making people at the scene feel comfortable—it’s all necessary on a shoot.

When people talk about creative marketing between the East Coast and the West Coast, they talk about the personalities at Mid Coast. Experienced. Energized. Effective. And just off-the-wall enough to use unpredictable means to assure a predictable end: Your business success!

Mid Coast Communications Centre
616 West Thirty-fifth Street Davenport, Iowa 52806


“One of the things I like best about these guys is they understand good advertising. So they tend to bring something extra to the table, in contrast to other production sources.”
— Randy Jacobs, Vice President, Warren Anderson Advertising and Public Relations

“Mid Coast will bend over backwards to make sure the job gets done just the way you want. And you can always count on them for a fresh, new idea or two
— Kevin Carroll, Director, Ross Incorporated

“We were impressed with Mid Coast creativity. That’s why we selected them to produce the first-ever radio spots for our industrial equipment division. They certainly lived up to our expectations.”
— Ed Deener, Industrial Advertising, Deere & Company





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