Some We’ve Worked With
• AAA Baseball
• Al-jon/Vezzani Corp.,
• Bandag Manufacturing
• Brand Central Station
• Burlington (IA) Chamber
     of Commerce,
• Chiropractic Centennial
• Dahl Ford
• Deere & Co.
• Dubuque (IA)
• First Midwest Banks
• Galesburg (IL) Chamber
     of Commerce
• Galesburg Economic  
     Development Corp.
• Illinois Association of
     Public Health
• Iowa Development
• Kartridg Pak
• Life University
• MidCoast
• Mod-Form Manufacturing
• MPA Media
• National Seal Co.
• Palmer Chiropractic
     University System
• Quad-City Thunder
• Quad-City Times
• Quad-Cities Vision
     for the Future
• Sears Manufacturing
• The Marketing Advantage
• The Residential Specialist
• Today’s Chiropractic
• WDG Communications
• White Dog Studios



Grand Celebration.

Note: Doing the coffee table book for the Chiropractic Centennial Foundation was a kick, especially traveling to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. I had hired a fine professional photographer, and we camped out on the media bleachers from about 5 a.m. He had his exotic equipment all ready, and I was to operate his 45-millimeter Nikon. We were perfectly positioned to catch the chiropractors’ float. The photog warned me. “You would think these things are moving pretty slowly, but your float will go by faster than you think. We only have one chance, so get it right.” We waited, and just as the chiropractic float came into view, a group of three Japanese photographers moved right in front of our lenses. My guy roared and swore. I thought he was going to pitch one of them out of the bleachers and into the street, but they cleared just in time for us to get the shots we needed. As soon as we finished, we hopped on bicycles and road through the side streets for several blocks to get to the end of the parade route; we wanted to catch the float one more time as it neared the end. Then came a little drama. To get a sense of the fun, click on the story called “A moment of truth on the 210 freeway.”


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