Some We’ve Worked With
• AAA Baseball
• Al-jon/Vezzani Corp.,
• Bandag Manufacturing
• Brand Central Station
• Burlington (IA) Chamber
     of Commerce,
• Chiropractic Centennial
• Dahl Ford
• Deere & Co.
• Dubuque (IA)
• First Midwest Banks
• Galesburg (IL) Chamber
     of Commerce
• Galesburg Economic  
     Development Corp.
• Illinois Association of
     Public Health
• Iowa Development
• Kartridg Pak
• Life University
• MidCoast
• Mod-Form Manufacturing
• MPA Media
• National Seal Co.
• Palmer Chiropractic
     University System
• Quad-City Thunder
• Quad-City Times
• Quad-Cities Vision
     for the Future
• Sears Manufacturing
• The Marketing Advantage
• The Residential Specialist
• Today’s Chiropractic
• WDG Communications
• White Dog Studios



Considering ‘Ghost Blogging’?

In today’s world, those who would become “thought leaders” with their constituencies or market segments must send out a steady stream of communications. More than that, they need to educate and inspire their readers or listeners. Most CEO’s and other executives are simply too busy to accomplish that task without professional help. Talk with us about how we can do your heavy lifting.  


On ghost blogging, public relations…

Randy Heuston knows how to write. This is a skill that most folks do not possess. Here’s the good news – he can help you. He understands what you want to say, then captures it with crisp, elegant and compelling words. We truly enjoy working with Randy.

Elizabeth Sosnow
Managing Director, BLISSPR
New York, New York



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