I actually started putting out magazines while in the newspaper business, some regular magazines about entertainment and business, and others as special sections. So, when I began editing and producing alumni magazines and other magazines for the chiropractors, I already had a lot of experience working with writers, photographers and designers.  One key to a readable magazine is to clearly define the soul of that particular publication and then make every piece fit. It needs a unique tone. Usually you want to mix bite-size bits with longer pieces; in other words, variety is the spice of a good mag. And another, of course, is quality control. Every photo must be in register, there can never be a typo, and all the headlines need to grab. You must know your particular readership and stay in touch with them through regular surveys. A magazine builds reader loyalty over time, and the only way that can be accomplished is through consistent quality. Do you have a magazine or group of magazines to edit? We should talk.


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