Looking for an Editor?

We have 40 years of experience in editing books, magazines, corporate collateral and Web site copy. We’ll make sure your publications and electronic materials are readable, engaging and accurate—not to mention grammatically correct. Sure, everybody writes, but only through excellence in editing do people keep reading. Even Hemingway needed a great editor.



Compensation Earned By the Hour or Project

Like many writers, I work either by the hour — from $100 to $500 an hour depending on the demands — or by the project, which is also based on the anticipated hours of commitment. The one exception is full-blown books, which are priced below the hourly rate.

Years of producing under deadline pressure means I’m fast, though I’m also a perfectionist. I try to balance rapid delivery with meticulous care. The nuances of language, the essentials of style, the demand for perfect grammar and spelling—these are the rigors of professional writing and rewriting. I never let a piece go to a client, even a first draft, that doesn’t meet my own expectations. It’s a matter of discipline.

If the agreement is for a project with many moving pieces, I expect the standard one-third payment up front, the second third upon delivery of the draft (or copy and design) and the last third on final approval. I expect to deliver on time and within budget, and I expect those I work for to do the same. It’s the only way to do business.

Clients who appreciate my work may desire a retainer relationship, usually a six-month or one-year contract. That means we commit to an amount of time for whatever projects you specify, based on the minimum hourly rate of $100 an hour. The lowest level retainer is $1,000 a month, meaning you have a guaranteed 10 hours of my time each month. (Hourly logs can be supplied upon request.) If the demands during that month go beyond that agreed time, with prior approval, I charge over the retainer amount at the same rate of $100 an hour. Retainers are made on an “as available” basis. Once you’re in, I’ll never fail to renew based on a higher offer from somebody else. It’s about loyalty in our relationship.



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