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MPAmedia Guide to Successful Advertising

MPA Media Guide

Use these keys and your ads will unlock bigger profits

This booklet is designed to help MPAmedia advertisers get the maximum return on their advertising dollars. Actually, what’s contained here will assist you as an advertiser no matter where you place your ads. We’ll touch on everything from how to write an ad to where to run it, and you’ll get a good handle on what it takes for advertising success.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we would give away our expertise in marketing and advertising. It’s simply because we view our interaction with you as a partnership. We’re committed to elevating the chiropractic profession, including vendors supplying valuable products and services. A rising tide lifts all boats. So let’s talk about the keys to successful advertising

What You Need to Know About Advertising

Marketing vs. advertising. In the pages that follow we’ll walk you through some fundamental aspects of marketing, with a special focus on advertising. Right there is the first valuable lesson. Marketing and advertising, precisely defined, aren’t the same thing. Classic marketing theory discusses four aspects—“the four p’s” — product, place, price and promotion. Advertising is promotion and only one sort of promotional activity at that. Public relations, open houses and direct mail are other commonly used promotional tactics.

Differentiation. Advertising or other promotional tactics rightly follows concentration on the three more strategic aspects of marketing. In thinking about (1) the nature and quality of your product or service, (2) the place people can find it or way it’s delivered, and (3) its price or value per dollar, the overriding issue is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. Chances are that the more successful you become the more imitators you have. Staying ahead of them will be determined by your ability to demonstrate that your product or service offers unique benefits, that it is delivered more conveniently and that it represents the greatest possible value.

Benefits vs. features. At the core of successful marketing differentiation is connecting to the individual customer. Does your superior quality or other differentiating aspect truly meet his or her special needs? Much of advertising fails (as do many sales efforts in general) because it concentrates on the features of the product or service—which the seller is personally invested in—rather than on translating those features into benefits to the consumer. The consumer doesn’t care about the high-tech features on the garden tractor if he’s looking to buy a sports car. And if he has his heart set on red, the fact that you have a great blue model on the lot may not cut it. Tell him you’ll find exactly what he wants in red. Never assume that potential buyers implicitly understand what your product’s features mean to them. Spell it out. 

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