I’ll never forget my first time going into an audio studio to produce a 30-second radio spot. (Actually they’re more like 27 seconds to allow for a tagline at the end.) After years of writing at length for newspapers, keeping it within half a minute was a real challenge. On that first foray into the radio ad business, my copy was about 10 seconds too long. My boss, an experienced radio guy, Phil Hartley, came in with the lead pencil he always wore behind his ear and in seconds edited my copy down to what it needed to be. And most humiliating of all was the fact that his new copy was at twice as good as the original. What a valuable lesson, which I’ve thought about dozens of times. Every writing vehicle has its own demands. Television spots and videos, of course, not only require fewer words but just the right blending of words with the visuals, music, interviews, etc.  It takes long hours in the video studio putting it all together, but when it cliques, it’s powerful.  If you want dynamic video production, Trumpet Call would love to be of service.


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