Randy Heuston has authored two books we have published. Each was a monumental task that involved research and extensive interviews that were knit together perfectly. These institutional and corporate histories are often challenging from initial interviews through
the approval process.
The manuscripts were well written and he handled both projects with the utmost professionalism. Bottom line—when our next project comes along we will think of Randy first.

Duane Wood
WDG Publishing Inc.



On editing, presentations…

“And then to my long-time friend Randy Heuston, a deep debt of gratitude laced with envy and admiration at his ability to cut to the core of the issue with a perfect quote or phrase or paragraph. Mixing his history as a newspaper man and our friendship, he was able to give my ‘voice’ to the pages.”

Guy F. Riekeman, D.C.
Life University

“This letter is to thank you for the extraordinary job you did for the Clinic in packaging and editing our proposal to ALCOA for the provision of chiropractic care. The extra effort and after-hours time you spent on this project are evident from the final result. Everyone who has reviewed the proposal has been impressed with its professionalism.”

Garry T. Krakos, D.C.
Former Dean of Palmer Clinics


“The Poor Among Us” was a magnificent piece of work. It must have been an editing nightmare. My congratulations and respect.”

Lucien Zamorski
Central & Western 
Development Corporation








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