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Need Public Relations Help?

In the Digital Age, excellent public and community relations are more important than ever. Why not put to use decades of experience handling issues both important and controversial. Trumpet Call provides that experience. We can work out an arrangement to jumpstart a public relations program for a particular event or product announcement as well as handle things for the longer term.


Shogun Opens in Davenport

Back in the day, a Shogun restaurant’s coming to the agricultural Midwest seemed an oddity. So this piece was really about the connection of cultures rather than the quality of food and service. The Oriental word-play would be politically incorrect these days, but at the time it was good fun. The mention at the end of “the River Centre sculpture” refers to another cultural issue in Davenport, a controversial statue that generated a lot of buzz in the media. Here’s another piece that demonstrates that there may be ideas to mine beyond the obvious.

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Brubeck Onstage

Public television a few years ago carried a fascinating documentary of how the Beatles had both reflected and shaped popular culture. This story about the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1979, originally assigned as a simple concert review, grew into something like that Beatles documentary. This is one of the longest pieces among the samples, certainly too long by today’s standards. But each story has its own pace in the telling. If you’re a jazz fan or an older Baby Boomer or both, you may like this one. As of this posting 30 years later, Brubeck—perhaps the nicest celebrity I ever interviewed—is still alive and winning over crowds despite all the changes.     

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